A while ago my running friends nicknamed me The Independent. One of them had read an article during the United States presidential election season that equated types of runners with various political parties, and they laughingly nick-named me The Independent. The Independent runner doesn’t like routine. They don’t like plans, or schedules, or doing what they should do according to the experts. The Independent  likes to run and run regularly, but they decide during their run what the run is going to be. If they’re feeling good, they run long. If they’re feeling not so good they run short. They decide what will work for them fitness wise day to day. And yes, that’s pretty much me.

However, a couple of weeks before Christmas I decided that I need to throw away some of my independent ways, especially when it comes to my independent diet. At the very least I needed to start planning my food for the day and start focusing upon nutrition more. I think it has something to do with my age or my femaleness, but for the past couple of years all of my former tricks for losing weight, like tracking calories and fat, have stopped working. I’m not really gaining weight, but I’m not losing either.

Now maintaining my weight would all be OK if I didn’t start training to run a couple of years ago to help me lose 20 pounds. But as I still need to lose 20 pounds I’m not OK with the fact that I’ve been on this several year plateau in regards to my weight.

The Independent’s Diet

So a couple of weeks before Christmas I decided to start really concentrating on eating better. I’m not worrying about quantity, but I’m worrying about quality. This change in diet is going to require me to start cooking more, a task I utterly abhor. This change in diet is going to require that I start tracking my food again on Fitness Pal…at least until eating better becomes second nature to me. And this change in diet is also going to require me to change my independent ways and start meal planning a bit better.

I’m hoping this change in diet will also include feeling great. I’m hoping this change in diet will also include finally making it past this plateau. And I’m hoping this change in diet might actually stick this time. What’s the saying? It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Well here’s to hoping.

In the mean time I’d love for your support. Follow me on My Fitness Pal or The Daily Mile where I’ll be tracking my progress.

And for you I’ve created a couple of Pinterest boards with some of the things I’ve been or will be cooking. (I actually have a ton of food Pinterest boards if you just want to make it easier and follow all of me on Pinterest.)

The Independent's DietWhen I Cook shows recipes I’ve recently tried, and what I or my family thinks about them.

The Independent's DietHealthy Recipes shows healthier recipes that I’ve found in the Interwebs.

The Independent's Diet
And what’s good nutrition without smoothies crammed with healthy stuff?

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  1. KeAnne
    Twitter: KeAnne

    Much luck to you on the diet changes! Hopefully in a few weeks we will both have progress to report on our weight loss efforts!

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