January seems to be flowing in and flying by like December.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with my kids home from school, and despite my public complaints about the husband spending so much time at home this holiday season, I have to say I’m sad to be seeing him off to work tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed bonding like we did back in college in which we spent our days figuring out what we were going to do that day the moment we woke up, so much unlike our regular days in our current past and our current future. I think it’s important that we find a way to have our some of our spontaneity back. I suppose we could schedule the days for spontaneity, but I’m not that ironic.


Next week my kids will go back to school. I’m conflicted about them returning so soon, and yet they’ve been out longer than most. This holiday season with them has been filled with truly good times, and like with most back to school also means back to busy schedules, less time for the creativity and silliness that can only come with being bored, and struggling to find time listen and hear all of what is going on with their lives.

Speeding down upon me right after the return to school, my daughter will be turning 11. Eleven seems so old, and in her pictures this last holiday season she looked so old. Though not as old as her 13 year old brother whose voice is changing into this weird falsetto place, not quite a man’s voice but no longer a boy’s.

And at the end of this month it is time for my next birthday, 43. I’ve barely gotten used to 42, and 43 is staring at me in the face. I was looking at the pictures from my birthday last year and the pictures from this holiday season. A lot has changed from 42 to 43. My hair is longer, I’ve gotten bifocal glasses, and my body has developed oddities that weren’t there the year before. I recently discovered a machine at the gym that promises to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, cellulite, and provides magical weight loss. I’ve added standing in that machine a few times a week to my workout routine. I’ll take whatever magic I can get. Perhaps when I look at the picture from my 43rd birthday next year right before turing 44 time will move backwards instead of forwards.

Of course then the pictures will show my son more handsome and most likely taller than me, my daughter more beautiful and fighting with me about wearing make-up too young. I have to say that it’s an odd place to be if you think about it, looking forward to watching your children rush towards the place in which their outsides match their inside beauty, and at the same time watching yourself trying to keep your outsides matching your insides.

And all those items from this January brings me to this meme floating around Facebook in which people are picking a word for the year. It’s supposed to represent what you hope to accomplish or be or something like that. I think after reading over my past few words in this post as an outsider I’d pick the word “acceptance” as my goal word for 2013. Though as an insider I know that for me picking only one word for 2013 would be an oversimplification of what I hope to accomplish this year, of what goes on inside of my head as I look over my past year. But one part of what I hope to see next year when looking over the pictures of 2013 would be the word acceptance, as would joy, beauty, growth, love, strength, peace, and miracle, miracle from the red light magic machine to be exact.

Hey? Who said the word had to be about something super deep?

Kelly Kinkaid

Kelly Kinkaid (1006 Posts)

Kelly Kinkaid enjoys writing about such topics as stretching a dollar, personal finance, diet and fitness, and living a life well lived. She spends all of her spare time in her many roles including but not limited to soccer, basketball, swimmer, band, and piano mom, runner and wife. You may contact her via e-mail kellyology(at)gmail(dot)com.


2 Responses to January 2013

  1. Cece says:

    Hmmm…. my word for 2013? I guess it would be Relax. I’m always waiting for the next bad thing to happen, and my life has been calm for over a year now… i need to relax and pray that it stays that way! Glad I found you! Hurrah for Dresden’s list.

  2. Rajean
    Twitter: rajean

    Love your word. It is an important word. I think especially for moms and maybe perfectionists. But I freakin’ love your cover photo! Cheers to ’13, Kelly!

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