I love waking up to crisp, fall lazy Sundays in Oklahoma with the strong sunlight piercing in through my plantation shutters. I enjoy the groggy walk to the kitchen, the steaming coffee biting my tongue, and big blanket covering my legs later on the couch as I enjoy the quiet of the house.
Lazy Sundays
I love seeing the children coming down the stairs with their mussed up hair and sleepy warmness as they find a spot on the couch next to me cuddling up to enjoy groggy musings of the dreams from the night before. “I love you mom,” they say with a smile. And then after a long pause in which I enjoy the genuine warmth of their sweet words they start to fidget and twitch. They say, “What are you making me for breakfast?”

When I tell them that whatever they can find in the kitchen themselves is what they get for breakfast  I get a look, a look that tells me my lazy Sunday has come to an end.

Kelly Kinkaid

Kelly Kinkaid (1006 Posts)

Kelly Kinkaid enjoys writing about such topics as stretching a dollar, personal finance, diet and fitness, and living a life well lived. She spends all of her spare time in her many roles including but not limited to soccer, basketball, swimmer, band, and piano mom, runner and wife. You may contact her via e-mail kellyology(at)gmail(dot)com.

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