Some days you have a run that just comes together, and you feel all zen and powerful at the same time. Some days you have a run in which it takes you everything you have to finish it, and you try to talk your body out of rejecting the run. The good runs make the bad runs worth it, and the bad runs make the good runs that much better. They’re all part of running, and I love it mostly because I have had a change in the attitude the past year regarding running. Now? I am grateful to be able to run.

Riverside Drive Trail, Tulsa, OK

Some runners stay motivated to run by the pressure of future planned race. Some runners stay motivated to run through positive peer pressure. Some runners need to run because they use the run as a stress reliever. And then there are runners like me, runners who run because they are grateful that they can. I wasn’t always able grateful to be able to run.  It took me a long while to figure out what really motivated me to run. But I’ve battled through, and now I’m happy to find my zen run more often than I find a horrible run.

Today I had a great  12 mile run. I’ve actually been having good runs for a couple of weeks now, so I’m thinking that I’m on my way to a cruddy run with odds being what they are and all. I have the Route 66 Half Marathon and the Route 66 Marathon Relay on November 18th, and I’m hoping that’s not the day of the hard run. Last year I didn’t run this race as I was running my very first half marathon in Las Vegas a couple of weeks later. I was barely surviving those big training runs at that time, so the idea of doing the Route 66 Half and then two weeks later doing the Rock and Roll half blew my mind. I just didn’t even consider it.

I did, however, go to the Route 66 Marathon and Half Marathon to cheer on a couple of my friends who were running their first halves. It was a big year for those in my running group. We were all running our first halves together, and last year’s Route 66? The weather was miserable. The day before had been like today, sunny and in the 50’s with minimal wind–perfect running weather. And the year before that I heard that the race was similar to today as well. However, last year’s Route 66 was miserable. The wind was blowing, the temps were in the 20’s and about 30 minutes into the run it started sleeting intermittently. My poor friends were frozen by the end of the race, and I’m just hoping that this year the race will give me the good weather that I want.

But one thing I’ve discovered is that no matter how much preparation you have you can’t really control whether or not you will have a great or horrible run. Sure you can decrease the odds of cruddiness through good nutrition, proper training, and getting enough rest, but you can’t control things like the weather. Oklahoma’s weather average per the Weather Channel for November 18th in Tulsa, OK is a low of 36 to a high of 61. Anywhere within that range would make me super happy. But another thing I’ve discovered is that the weather predictions in Oklahoma? They are never predictable. Though I do have to say, that’s OK. I’ll still be grateful to be able to run.

Kelly Kinkaid

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  1. Yogi says:

    Why does a runner run is quite a subject. You described why you run very well. For me, running is my meditation. I get into a zone and I’m totally in the moment. I feel the sun, the wind, I see what I see, I hear what I hear, I feel what I feel and then it is over. So I run for the experience.

    By the way, I had a great 12 mile run today. On the River Trail. I’m all signed up for the Route 66 Half, so maybe I’ll see you, maybe not.

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