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When I first started blogging, blogging as a personal blogger had a pretty strong hold on the Internet.  I personally found the amount of different people from around the country and the world fascinating.  I was completely enthralled by the escape from my own world of two young children and conservative Oklahoma that blogging provided me.  And honestly it seemed like everyone at that time was there for the same reason.  They were looking for a voice, their voice, and the camaraderie of voices similar to them.  I loved it.

A few months after I started blogging, Twitter popped up on my radar as this cool new thing all of the great bloggers were trying.  I liked the idea of Twitter as sometimes my brain works like a ping pong machine, jumping from one idea to the next in 140 character segments. It seemed like a perfect fit on those days I was needing to clear my head.  At first I was a little overwhelmed by Twitter and jumped on the Plurk bandwagon finding it to be more user friendly.  Though quickly I became too obsessed with my ranking on Plurk, and found myself waking up in the middle of the night feeling the need to post on Plurk so that my rank wouldn’t drop.  It wasn’t healthy.  So back to Twitter, that had no obvious ranking system, I went.

During this time also many bloggers became obsessed with Facebook and using it as a means to promote their blog.  I jumped on there as well, and for years listed my name as Kelly Ology, worried that the weirdos out here would find me if I actually used the last name Kinkaid.  This was a time when we all thought that there still was such a thing as anonymity on the web.  There isn’t if you weren’t aware, a fact I discovered a few years ago around the time of my 20 year high school class reunion when everyone from high school found me and kept commenting on how cool my new last name was, Ology.  I never really totally got into the whole Facebook world. It was slower, and honestly the people on it mostly were my day to day friends that I already hung out with in person.  I preferred the fast paced movement of Twitter, and at that time Twitter was really promoting some truly great discussions about almost anything.  One night we’d be mocking the Bachelor, nobody worrying about spoilers at that time, and then the next night we’d be discussing at length the latest national election.  It was great.

Social Media Changes

But as things do in the world, Twitter, Blogging and Facebook changed.  People began noticing a correlation between their activity on Twitter and Facebook and how much it was improving their reader statistics on their blogs.  They began seeing Twitter like other networks such as Delicious and Stumble Upon, etc. who’s main purpose was to promote content on the web.  Because of this people started deliberately using Twitter like these other networks to promote their own content, and of course what followed were various other businesses noticing the impact of Twitter and how it could affect web sales, and very slowly but surely Twitter changed to the marketing machine that it is today.

Blogging on the other hand started developing niches.  I think this happened naturally also as bloggers started grouping together because of like interests.  Companies and advertisers started recognizing the large followings of people who were following various specific interests, niches, and asked to become part of this world by offering freebies and such to bloggers and their readers.  The days of great conversations happening in the comment sections of blogs dwindled and turned into “I ‘liked’ you on Facebook.”  When Facebook changed by developing fan pages, business pages, etc., basically Social Media in general seemed to be taken over by people of the business world who were looking for ways to make money for less money.

Recently, however, Google has come up with the latest new exciting thing, Google+.  I and most of my social media peers (we no longer call ourselves bloggers as the term blogger can’t possibly include the entire knowledge base that we’ve developed over the years), have been spending the past few weeks perusing the new site. The purists among us are requesting fresh content and the great conversations of social media past.  And I wonder if it is possible to actually go back to the days where writers wrote to promote only conversation or find like minded people in this overly crowded world.  I would like to think that it is possible.  After all I’d have to say that for me about 60% of why I do what I do in social media is still for those connections I find from intelligent people in the social media world.  However, the realist in me also knows that once business has found social media and the cost saving measures it can provide their marketing efforts, they are not going to let it go so easily for us to use it for more noble pursuits.  I guess what I’m hoping for is that through Google+ we, social media lovers, will be able to strike a balance between making money and satisfying our need for intellectual and emotional development.

Everything Changes

So at this point if you’re a regular reader at Partially Motivated you think I that I’ve gone off the deep end with this discussion of my history with social media.  After all what does my search for balance in the social media world have to do with living financially balanced lifestyle?  Well it’s really pretty simple.

You see for most whether you’re talking about social media or your finances life is constantly a series of never ending changes.  I have found that trying to hold on to the things of the past and trying to force the things that I have loved into being now can only bring me never ending dissatisfaction with where I am today.  Sure I miss the days of late nights on Twitter or reading the comment sections of a really well written post, but would I go back to them and give up where social media is today? Would it be worth giving up everything that I’ve worked towards to have it back?  I don’t think so.

And when you are thinking about your own financial history and things that you have had to give up to move forward towards a financially balanced lifestyle are they really worth having over that feeling of freedom you know comes with being able to take care of your home, your family, and yourself without the stress or the worry in thinking that tomorrow someone could take it all away just because you decided that you just had to have the one thing that satisfies your needs from the past?  I hope not.

Kelly Kinkaid (1006 Posts)

Kelly Kinkaid enjoys writing about such topics as stretching a dollar, personal finance, diet and fitness, and living a life well lived. She spends all of her spare time in her many roles including but not limited to soccer, basketball, swimmer, band, and piano mom, runner and wife. You may contact her via e-mail kellyology(at)gmail(dot)com.

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2 Responses to Everything Changes in Social Media, Life, You

  1. Jenny says:

    I am in absolute agreement with just about everything you wrote here, Kelly. Although I am pretty bitter about the overall transformation of Twitter over the years. To the point that I rarely interact there anymore.

    Awesome post; shared it everywhere.

    • Kelly Kinkaid
      Twitter: Kellyology

      I miss Twitter they way it used to be too. It was so fun. And…wasn’t it how we met? Google+ does seem to be more that way…for now. I’ve been super careful about who I’m adding.

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