People often think that frugal shopping often means that you are getting poor quality items or that it means that you are lesser than as a person if you have to buy those bargains.  I’m here to tell you that is a whole lot of hooey.  Those of us who have been bargain shoppers their entire lives know that best very best bargain you can buy, are the bargains that people cannot get frequently.  It’s the elite that get those bargains, and the bargains you cannot get frequently?  Those are often the best quality items.  So how does one know if they are part of the elite and are getting a high quality item on the cheap?  Well it’s pretty easy, and there are a few rules.

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  • Do your research.  You can’t get a good bargain unless you know one when you see one.  I often times shop the high end stores around town or the Internet searching for all of the things that I love. I ask questions about how these items were made, what materials were used, and when they were first introduced to the market.  You have to know your product to get a good deal on a good product.
  • Don’t be brand addicted.  People seem to have these screwed up ideas about certain brands meaning quality.  And I’m here to tell you that some brands make some things that are quality, but not everything they make means quality.  Do your research and find out what the average consumer thinks about how well a product you want holds up.  People are always more than happy to tell you what they think about things they own.
  • Don’t be store addicted.  Every town has high-end shopping malls, stores, etc. And if they don’t the Internet certainly has those stores as well.  And just because certain items come out of a certain “high end” stores doesn’t mean that the item sold is a high quality item.  Just because it comes out of a “low end” store doesn’t mean it is a low end item.  This is where it is especially important do your research about your product, so that you know what you are buying, no matter what what store it came from.
  • 40% off is a sale, but 75% off is a bargain. Knowing a product’s price point and knowing that most products can eventually be bought at at least 60% if not 75% off is critical in getting a high quality item because it causes you to pause when you think about settling for a lower quality item for less money.
  • Quality should last.  I never, ever buy the extended warranty for most anything.  Why?  I only buy products that been proven over time to be durable and long lasting.  Those type of products don’t need the extended warranty.  Those products are quality, and lasting a long time can be one of the best tools in the frugal shoppers arsenal.
  • “Rich people shop at Ross Dress for Less.”  My mom used to say this to me all the time.  She would add as proof of her statement, “Have you ever seen the cars in front of Ross Dress for Less?”  Well.  Have you?  Go early in the morning when the store first opens and look.  Many of those cars are not low end cars sitting in front of that store.  And it should cause you to pause and think that maybe these rich people know something that you don’t.  They do.  And what they know…is how they got rich. Bargain shopping is often part of that equation.



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7 Responses to The Elite Frugal Shopper

  1. So true about the cars. I always laugh when I go to Aldi’s too. I see soo many high end cars there. But price does not always mean quality. Often we are paying for the advertising and the high end store.

  2. I have been a bargain shopper my whole life! It’s a thrill to find something I love for a really great price. And YES to your brand/quality comments. I do love Anthro (especially their sale room), but many times that shirt I love is pretty, but the quality just isn’t there. I’m not so deluded as to buy a brand for the sake of buying a brand–especially if the shirt isn’t going to last.

    • Kelly Kinkaid
      Twitter: Kellyology

      I’m a new Anthro girl myself after it came to Oklahoma. Like that back room too, but I find that their bargains are often not bargainy enough for me.

      Bargainy: (adj.) Of or pertaining to a severely discounted bargain seen only rarely but very much loved by Kelly.

  3. I have never thought about the type of cars in front of Ross, but you are absolutely right! One of my favorite frugal stores is TJ Maxx…I find so many awesome deals there, it’s incredible! Wonderful post chock full of great info! 😀

    • Kelly Kinkaid
      Twitter: Kellyology

      In my neck of the woods I always find great quality purses at TJ Maxx. I also love Marshalls, but I find that every Marshalls is different in their bargains. Actually every bargain type store seems to have different things from store to store. I guess you just have to know your area.

  4. […] and expensive that you’ve gotten for less than anyone else. Nothing turns me on more than an elite frugal shopper who really knows how to use the powers of good bargain […]

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