On Type-A Parent last month I discussed in Not an Athlete how I have recently began to take up running.  It’s been a learning experience for me, learning all of the ins and outs concerning proper form, proper nutrition, proper attire, and how my body shape has changed due to running.  But what I have found to be the most interesting is how my family has responded to the running.   You see I started running because my daughter had expressed an interest in running, and as she is a girl who is a little too obsessed with the sweets I thought it would be a good idea if I encouraged her in a more healthy direction.  We became running partners.  She, however, has since pooped out with her desires, and every night she and I have a battle over her training that I insist that she complete since we have already paid for her race entrance fee.

But just as my daughter pooped out, my son came to me and asked if he could be my running partner in the race as well.  He’s never one whose fitness I have ever worried about as he’s the kid who can’t get enough of activities or time outside.   I wasn’t surprised that this busy boy would be interested in running a 5K himself.  What I was surprised by was that he was wanting to run with me.

You see he’s a tween which means that Mom?  She is quickly becoming persona non grata.   I too often get when trying to interact with him the “Mo-om…stop it…you’re embarrassing me” words or sigh or eye-ball signal that moms are supposed to be miraculously be able to read.  The days where he would search me out looking to hang out are almost completely gone.  But as I got into the middle of my own training for my 5K, he started seeking me out for conversations about running, for opportunities to train, and eventually for an opportunity to run with me during my first 5K.

So even though he’s still a tween whose run with me last night involved a constant plea in him becoming not grounded from television and video games for a previous error on his part, he is running with me…willingly.  Here we are at the week of my first 5K, the Cinco de May run on May 6th, and everything has changed, my running form, my body, and my attitude.  But also what has changed is my relationship with my son.  He, at least for this moment, has become my willing running partner, studying with me, chatting about life with me, and running with me.  Who knew something as simple as taking up running could impact my life in so many positive ways?  I certainly didn’t.

Footnote:  The girl is still running her 5K and also has a new running partner, her father.  As he is a man who is equally disinterested in running 5K’s, I think they may get their perfect bonding moment as well.


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  1. I started running again last fall with Team in Training and completed my first half marathon. They coach us as we raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I am hooked and am now a mentor and doing my second half in San Diego next month. You are so right, running changes you (I still need to get my family involved, my younger son may be interested soon). What I love about running is it a workout you can get in wherever you are, all you need is running clothes and shoes! It clears your mind. I love having running goals. It gets me going in the morning! Thanks for sharing!

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