When I was expecting baby number two I really wanted to try my best to avoid the jealousy that sometimes occurs from an older sibling concerning a new sibling.  To do this I was trying to come up with ideas to include my son in the process.  I got him a baby to have as his own.  We included him in the planning of what we would need for the baby.  And finally I came up with an art project that he could make to put in the baby’s room for his new sister.

He really enjoyed working on this project with me, and told his sister proudly once she arrived that he made the pictures hanging on her wall.  Honestly it probably was my favorite personalized baby gift that my daughter got when she arrived.

Personalized New Baby Gift

Personalized New Baby Gift Supplies

  • An old picture frame with Glass
  • Mats for the picture (Optional)
  • Fade Resistant Construction Paper (I used regular construction paper, but as you can see it faded.)
  • Finger Paint – At least two colors  – I picked paints that matched the colors of the baby’s room.
  • Paper plate – To hold the paint

Personalized New Baby Gift Instructions

  • Pour each of the finger paints on to separate plates.
  • Have your child dip their hand in one color.
  • Have them place their painted hands on the construction paper making hand prints.
  • Do the same for each color that you have picked until you have a pattern you both like.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • Frame the picture in the old picture frame.  (If the picture frame was really beat up like mine was, feel free to touch up the frame with paint of your own.)

So what do you think?  What other do it yourself project ideas do you have for older siblings?


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